Helpful, Caring & Organized

We have moved five times in the past thirteen years due to my husband’s job as a commercial airline pilot. We feel Lise was the most helpful, organized and caring Realtor we’ve ever experienced. She did not hesitate to go the extra mile in research or to spend long time periods with us so that we not only could understand the housing market better, but feel confident we were truly looking at all the options available for our needs as a family.

We needed a home quickly due to the closing of a former home out of state. Lise joyously took on the challenge to utilize all of the time properly and never gave us any negative viewpoints. Lise encouraged positive energy so that we could accomplish our goal of finding a happy, safe, beautiful home which could also be a wise investment.

Lise is a person who takes pride in giving her clients the best possible service. We were very happy we chose to work with Lise. She was always concerned with the quality of our home buying choice and what was best for our needs as a family, yet never stood in the way for our desire to see any and all homes! We always felt we were in the driver’s seat making all the decisions. Lise was there to give us as much information as possible.

We also feel Lise has an intuitive sense about which home is the right one, once she gets to know you and what you want for a home. She spotted a particular home for us long before we made our decision. We had to wait to sell our home first before buying, so we were doing a lot of internet research which Lise was so prompt and good about online information. We, of course, had to see every home type of thing before making a decision. Guess what? We purchased the home she thought was the home for us! And, we have lived in our new home for over a month now and absolutely no regrets. We love our home and the location! Thank you, Lise! We would gladly recommend using Lise Knouse for any home buying process.

— Vicki & Scott